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  • Patternmaking and Grading
  • Specification and design sheets
  • Sample cutting and Make
  • Full range Design
  • Illustrations for Technical design sheets
  • Design concept story boards
  • Fit Model
  • Australian and OS production


Pattern making is an art form and requires a high level of skill and technical expertise, knowledge, experience and accuracy. A pattern is your first step in creating your signature clothing label. All patterns are created on hard cardboard first. All patterns come with a tech pack which includes Technical trade sketches , specification Sheets and a Design make sheet. When you are ready for final production the pattern can then be digitised using the latest Gerber software this is then forwarded to your factory for commencement of your production. Accompanying this will be the garments specification sheet, make and design sheets as well as illustrations of your design with garment construction details.

design and spec sheet

Specification sheets

The Specification sheet is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Design/Specification sheet provides the manufacturer with a detailed Illustration / drawings of the garment alongside the measurement chart and full grade of all the different sizes required for that garment. This is an integral part of the process and is used throughout the production process to maintain Quality Control.

Design sheet

The design Sheet details all Accessories and Trims that are needed on the garment. Each sheet is tailored specifically for each style/garment. It should display a technical drawing that gives the maker a clear visual of the garments look and fit alongside trim and stitching detail. It will also include some sewing instruction. It should also contain all information pertaining to the Care and washing instructions and Fabric Content.



Grading is the process of sizing your finished pattern into all the sizes required for your Production. This can be done either digitally on a CAD system or on hard cardboard or both if you require.

Sample making

Once your pattern is made it will then need to be cut out and made by a sample machinist. I have a number of experienced sample machinists that are able to handle the most difficult and complicated of garments.



Story boards and Technical Sketches

All of my patterns come with a detailed technical drawing using Adobe Illustrator. This will include a front and back view of the garment along with all stitching and design line specifics.

Look books and colour Story board sketches

These can all be provided to you. I am able to provide detailed and colorful Adobe Illustrator drawings for Look Books and Story Boards.

pmFit Models

My fit Model is a size 8 for Women and a size 34 for Men. These sizes are predominately the standard for the clothing industry. This however is not written in stone and can be changed to whatever size you would like your pattern in.


Production location being overseas or local is dependent on quantities. This is something that can be discussed once quantities are finalized.